We support community-based organizations that provide shelter, education, and healthcare to displaced women and children in the Thai-Burma border area.

  • Mae Tao Clinic's Reproductive Health and HIV programs
  • Social Action for Women's Safe House for Orphaned and Abandoned Children
  • Social Action for Women's Health Care House for women and children living with HIV/AIDS
  • Local Health Workers returning to Burma to address the healthcare needs in their communities.

 Dr. Terry Smith has more than 20 years of healthcare experience on the Thai Burma border.  
Formerly a technical advisor with Doctors of the World, Terry came to Mae Tao Clinic in 2002. Since then, he has trained over one hundred health workers in emergency obstetric care - many of whom returned to their villages in Burma to assist women in difficult childbirth. He has visited these sites and realizes that skilled birth attendants have saved many lives.

Our Mission

Mae Sot is located on the border between Burma and Thailand. For years it has been one of  the major crossing points for refugees and migrants seeking healthcare and escape from the harsh conditions in eastern Burma. The Mae Tao Clinic and Social Action for Women are located in Mae Sot.

Who We Work For

Our Directors

Our Background

Where We Help

  • Dr. Terry Smith, President
  • Dr. Sandy Hsu, Vice President
  • Min Min Thaw, Ph.D., Treasurer
  • Judy Green-Scheible, Secretary